Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010.

Introducing ... Project: Love, Me ...

Project Love me is a project 52 with weekly prompts designed to help you share your personal journey … 52 messages & stories from you to future generations … a collection for your loved ones … signed, “Love, Me.”

Project: Love, Me is much more than an “All About Me” album. It is about you, of course — but not a laundry list of facts or answers to simple questions, or even a chronological history. It’s an adventure of self-discovery as we focus on specific themes and delve deep with prompts to help you get to the heart of who you are and share that with others.

Here is the opening page of my album.

Kami, from Project Love Me, sums it up much better than I can about why I would want to do this.
Here is what she says: "I think about my parents when they were my age and I wonder who they were. I knew them as parents, but not as a people- what they dreamed, what brought them joy or what they feared the most?

I think about my grandparents and realize how little I really know about them at all. I know their names and where they lived. I have a general idea of how their lives were shaped. But I have no idea who they were, what obstacles they faced and how they faced them, what they thought about their world and how they lived in it.

I then look ahead 30 years from now and realize one day my daughter will be me- sitting here wondering who her mother really was when she was 35 and looking at me from a whole new perspective. I look ahead 60 years from now and wonder how much my grandchildren will know about me as a person and the world I lived in.

We are all individuals with our own likes and dislikes, struggles and successes. Life truly is a journey and along the way we learn all kinds of lessons. This project is about leaving our story for future generations, showing them who we are and what life has taught us- up to this point in our lives, so that when our children and grandchildren are ready to know us, we will be there for them. It’s a project you can start at any point in your life and it’s a project that you can repeat throughout your life to see how your perspective has changed and grown since the last time you completed the project."

If you are interested, you can find out more here:

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