Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well if you are anything like me, learing all the different terms for your camera can seem a little intimidating so I'm hoping to explain a few that i have learned over the years.

What is ISO?

ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor (or film) to light.  The higher the number, the less light is needed to take a photo that is correctly exposed.

 Most people tend to keep their digital cameras in ‘Auto Mode’ but most cameras also give you the opportunity to select your own ISO. In Auto Mode the camera selects the appropriate ISO setting depending upon the conditions you’re shooting in. Most cameras will try to keep the ISO setting as low as possible in this mode.  Higher ISO settings allow you to shoot digital photos in low-light conditions, but such photos are more susceptible to noise and grainy images than photos shot at low ISO settings. With a digital camera, you usually can shoot at a variety of ISO settings.

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